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Watched A Film Last Night

19th Mar 2010

 I watched a film last night - about blogging. It wasn't a particularly great film, though it was entertaining enough - Julia & Julia), but the premise reminded me that I hadn't blogged in a while. The reason I haven't blogged is simple: ShAFF.  The festival took place last weekend and almost ruined me! We decided, very late in the day, to run the festival in HD this year. It turned out to be not as plain sailing as it could have been due to the deadlines. Some glitches at the start of one or two of the films were frustrating, but all films were shown that should have been shown, and for the fifth year running we are incredibly proud that 100% of the people who came said that they would come again and would recommend it to a friend! As soon as we have the dates for next year I'll post them, along with a report on the festival this year, and plans for 2011.

Tomorrow I'm taking part in the Climbing Works International Festival bouldering masters. A couple of mates are heading up and we plan to have some fun trying the problems amongst some seriously strong company  including 47 foreigners! Apparently it will be webcast live from the Climbing Works website.