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Nice To Get Feedback

13th Oct 2011

When you work for yourself it's not often that you get any genuine feedback other than bums on seats at an event, so it was nice to get an email this week from the author of a book I recently reviewed, totally out of the blue. I'd never spoken to the author before as the book was sent directly from the distributors. Thought I'd post his email here and share a bit of happiness.

Hi Matt
I hope you don't mind me contacting you but you have recently posted a review of our book "The Good Mountain Biking Guide" and I just wanted to say what a good job you have done. You have really understood what the book is all about and given a very fair account. It is very heartening indeed and gives a much need lift after coming across a couple of Amazon reviews who seem to have an odd idea that the book is something it is not meant to be!
Thanks for taking the trouble to review the book and for putting a smile on our faces, Best, Richard