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15th Oct 2010

If you haven't heard of it you ought to check it out. It's quite probably the single best use of the internet and email of all time. Some 6 million people are members, a lot fewer than the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but rather than existing simply to facilitate social networking, Avaaz is an online campaign engine fighting for important causes all over the world. And it works. Whilst Facebook allows people to have a laugh and stop some wayward suit from losing his job for surfing porn at work, Avaaz tackles more meaty subjects like the mis-use of Argentinian glaciers or stopping Germany from cutting its aid budget. It's a kind of global democracy the likes of which have never been seen before. Sure, massive rallies have been organised to oppose war in Iraq (and look what good they did!), but Avaaz can mobilize literally hundreds of thousands of people within hours or even minutes. 


I reccomend that you join...