Blog Archive - Mon 27th Jun 2011 - Kids vs Adults - Heason Events

Kids vs Adults

27th Jun 2011

 Feedback from Cliffhanger 2010 told us that some people were a little miffed that there weren't enough activities aimed at adults. It's a tricky dilemma this. We obviously take feedback seriously so have given it some thought. However, whichever way you look at it, it come down more to our discomfort, as adults, to take part in something alongside kids, as to anything else. In virtually every activity on offer at the event, adults are allowed and encouraged to have a go. One or two exhibitors do put on adult-only sessions throughout the weekend, but most are too busy or prefer to keep things more organic. We've asked the exhibitors this year to make an extra effort with signage, encouraging adults to throw caution to the wind and have a go, even if the rest of the people in the queue are kids. We've also put on a couple of beer tents! Hopefully the message will get out and everybody will have as much fun as each other, regardless of age!