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Grandad and Grandson

11th Apr 2011

What a gorgous weekend in Wales. Normally we drive over in nice weather on the Friday night and get all excited, only to be gutted the following morning when it dawns wet and cold. Not so this weekend just gone. The sun barely stopped shining and I even managed a couple of dips in the river (which was admitedly take-your-breath-away cold). On Saturday we headed up to the slate quarries to sample a bit of the Ladders and Tunnels that I did last year with some mates. Only this time there were five of us, ranging in age from 4 to 73! We didn't get the whole thing done, but we did the middle half, only stopped when Dad's hip (the one he's had replaced) complained too much after an horrible roped scramble up a heather-covered slate gulley. Proud of them both!

2011 04 Wales Slate Quarries