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Tardy Mountaineers

13th Jan 2011

I'm not going to name names and shame anybody, but am somewhat surprised by the tardy nature of British mountaineers. I administrate the Nick Estcourt Award - a grant awarded annually to a deserving British expedition. I've administered it for the past 4 or 5 years and have always been surprised by a) the low number of applications, and b) the lateness of these applications. The closing date is Dec 31st. This year we had more than half the applications after the closing date. One of them was an hour and fifty eight minutes afterwards. When you have a whole year to prepare such an application how is it possible to be an hour and fifty eight minutes late? C'mon people, get your act in gear and submit on time please.

More info on the award.:

Here's an article I wrote a few years back on grants in general: