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7th Apr 2009

Bit of an experiment this. First Blog post on the new site.


The new site. It's incredible, the feeling of elation at having a new site at last. I had no idea that I wanted (or needed) one so badly until the time came to actually turn it on and go live. The process of design was fun. The process of transferring data from the old site to the new one was an eye opener. I always knew that keeping a site up to date was very important, and chastised others for not doing so. I even waxed lyrical about the power of Blogs, and the dangers of Blogging too rarely for it to be worthwhile (note to self). So it was a bit of a shock to see just how much stuff on the old site was out of date, incorrect or just plain old fashioned! The fact that I can update this site so quickly and easily has been like a great weight lifted from my shoulders, but interestingly I didn't realise the weight was there...


I sat in a car for 5 hours with Ian Parnell on Sunday on a round trip to Wales for some much needed trad climbing, and chatted with him about the ins and outs of Blogging. He updates once or twice a week and seems to be able to find interesting things to say. I'll give it a go for a month or so - I can always simply turn it off if it's too much trouble.


Ian wrote a piece about our trip on Sunday so I'll not re-invent the wheel.


Good night.