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A Dangerous Bog

12th Sep 2011

A friend in the village recently asked me if I would support him on a part of a long run he was planning around the Peak District. Having been on a few runs with him I was pretty wary. He moved to the village from Devon last year and has set the cat amongst the pigeons by challenging fairly strongly for fastest local (and that’s going some!). As it turned out my legs were pretty sore from a road run on Thursday and he then admitted to fancying a bit of time to himself anyway. He set off at 7.30am on Saturday on his 42 mile route around the Peak that should have brought him back to the house. About three quarters of the way around, somewhere above Edale, he ran into a bog. Up to his neck! He was in the bog for an hour and a half, shouting for help, slowly extricating himself. He thought he was a gonner, but eventually managed to free himself, caught the train home and arrived 2 hours later, but just in time to welcome some friends round for dinner. Fit bloke!

Wonder which is the fittest village in the Peak District? Or even in the UK for that matter. Be an interesting competition.