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Youtube - Life In A Day

16th Dec 2010

I Blogged about Youtube recently and here's another.

I read this article on the BBC last night and thought I'd share. If you haven;t got the time to read it, in a nutshell: Kevin MacDonald (director of Touching The Void and Last King Of Scotland) is directing a new film which will be based entirely on clips uploaded to Youtube on July 24th 2011. A request was put out for people to post clips shot on that particular day, and 80,000 people responded, with over 5,000 hours of footage! The mind boggles. There are a team of 24 experienced editors working to piece together a feature length film worth of footage, but no one person will have the time to watch every bit. How could they when there have only been approximately 3,600 hours since July 24th? The idea is to create a snapshot of life on earth. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"You are allowed in, for five minutes, ten minutes, to somebody's head who has a peculiar view of the way things function. There also are a few clips where you think this person needs help, not a camera."

Yet, despite some hard-hitting, emotional scenes, Mr Macdonald believes watching Life In A Day will be an uplifting experience.

"It's an optimistic film. It's a film about how wonderful it is to be alive."

Here's the Youtube Channel which hosts the 80,000 individual clips.

The film will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and on Youtube in Jan 2011.