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Red Bull

7th Feb 2011

I went for a run last night with some mates. It's the 5th Sunday evening in a row I have made it out. The more Sunday's I do the greater the pressure not to miss one it seems! Yesterday afternoon I was feeling wrecked and the last thing I fancied was a run. I drank a small shot of Red Bull to see if that would work. It wasn't like there was an immediate pick-me-up, but it was the best and fastest run I can remember in a very long time. Amazing!

Which got me on to thinking about the stuff. I know a lot of folks treat their bodies like tmeples and would rather not drink the stuff, but I've always been a 'try everything in moderation' kind of guy. I sometimes wonder how they manage to justify charging so much for a can of what is effectively water and a few chemicals and flavourings that can't cost more than a few pence to produce. And then I remember that the vast majority of the money we public pay for the cans and shots of the stuff is spent on marketing. The fun thing about Red Bull marketing is that it is largely in sponsorship of sports events and people. As a result we get a pretty quick Formula 1 Team, events like the London Air Race, and more importantly for somebody in my business, a whole load of very, very talented individuals who can do amazing things on skis, bikes and surfboards! Every year ShAFF features a load of films which are either Red Bull sponsored films like this year's 'Way Back Home' or feature RB athletes. It seems you can't really watch a ski or bike film without the familiar logo streaking across the screen on somebody's helmet or paraglider. A quick count has over 10 of this year's 61 films featuring RB athletes. Fair play to them as a brand I say.