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New App Launch

19th Mar 2015

This year at ShAFF we’ve teamed up with Sheffield based, new business start-up, Beautiful Everything.

Beautiful Everything are a digital innovation company. They’ve been looking at the overall experience that visitors to ShAFF have with the festival and then looking at where they can use their experience in delivering digital ideas to change the way everyone engages with the festival through digital innovation.

They’ve been delivering a number of diiferent updates across the ShAFF digital eco-system. One of the big changes has been the identification and then development of a new and innovative digital product, that we’re going to be the first festival to use.

They’ve called this product It will allow us to collect real-time festival feedback via any internet connected device. We’re going to use it decide who’ll win this year’s People’s Vote at the festival.

During the festival weekend, up until a pre-defined time on the Sunday, anyone who been to see a film feature will be able to vote on that feature immediately after the showing. To do this all they’ll need to do is visit the URL (yep, is a full URL, no or .com needed) and then enter the code they will have been passed as they get their ticket checked before they enter the screen.

The app has a simple to use interface that works on mobile, tablets or desktops, allowing a user to scroll through all the films in a film feature and then vote with a single click on each film.

This code will be unique to the film feature they’ve viewed to ensure the vote that’s cast comes only from a genuine film viewer, they’ve also put in a number of other secuirty features to ensue it’s a legitimate vote.
Voters will be able to change their votes throughout the fesitval, up until the closing time on the Sunday.

We’re hoping that the app provides us with lots more feedback from the films on show, but also a much easier way to collect your views of the festival and the featured films without asking as much from our festival goers.
The app will have details on how to use it on the website, but anyone with any questions about ahead of the festival or after that matter drop us an e-mail and we’ll put you in touch with Beautiful Everything.