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An (Un)Happy Customer

7th Sep 2011

Received an emai today in response to a mail-out and thought I'd share it:


Hi Matt

May have mentioned to you that watching the film about the Leadville 100 MTB race at Shaff inspired me to enter the UK equivalent, the Kielder 100.
So last Saturday I spent over 11 hours in steady rain fighting constant chain suck, deep mud and major brake problems only to get eliminated after 78 miles.
Over 800 entries, less than 600 had the stupidity to start and only 177 finished. The Leadville course looked a doddle in comparison
I'm holding you personally responsible for the damage to my bike !!!
I'll be more careful what I watch this year....



it's nice to know that the work I do actually inspires people to get out there and do things, even if they don't enjoy it all of the time. Chris, I'm sure you'll look back on it fondly within a few days!