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European Outdoor Film Tour 2014 Teaser

8th Aug 2014


FOLLOW THE RIVER: four women heading towards adventure in their kayaks.
ICE-COLD: climbing behind a waterfall.
FAR OUT: mountain biking on a scrap yard.

A first look at the film program of the E.O.F.T. 14 / 15

The European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) will be back on tour from 11 October 2014 (kicking off in the UK on 1st November) the two- hour program will present the best outdoor sports and adventure films of the year, for example the kayaking adventure Nobody’s River:

In a place where the sun rises in the South, the land is vast, the sky is limitless and the people are more helpful than where Amber Valenti comes from: “There’s magic here. I feel it everywhere.” Whether the magic she felt when she arrived in Mongolia actually exists, is not for us to decide. But one thing is clear: their river safari down the Amur River turned the four kayakers’ world upside down more than once. And not just because the cardinal points are skewed on the compass that the nomads use here.

“Nobody’s River” tells the story of four women who want to follow the Amur River from its source to its mouth: it’s a kayaking adventure during which nothing goes exactly as planned. Although there is not even one dam that blocks the course of the 3000-kilo- meter river, lots of other obstacles stand in their way—especially in the heads of the kayakers. The expedition is overshadowed by a heavy blow of fate even before the adventure, but they set out any- way. Surprised by Mongolian hospitality and fascinated by their strange sporting competitions, they conclude that it’s often the small things that determine the success of an expedition.

Small things such as sub-zero temperatures. The ambitious climbing project of Will Gadd from Canada at Helmcken Falls (The Frozen Titans) stands or falls with them. 141 meters high, overhanging and in the shade of a thundering waterfall—a dream route in the summer. But unfortunately Will Gadd has to wait for winter until he can climb here. Only when the spray has frozen up the loose rock behind the waterfall will he be able to set out. Naturally, cold and ice do not stop at Will’s fingers, toes and ropes.

Just as in (ice) climbing, minor injuries are part of the game in mountain biking. However, for Brandon Semenuk’s Rad Company this is no reason to hold back in any way during their wild trips through the forest or a slopestyle session on a scrap yard...

Also part of the program: Don’t Look Down, El Sendero Luminoso, and many more.

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Notes to Editors


The E.O.F.T. is the most renowned film event of the European out- door community and will be presenting the most exciting sports and adventure films of the year for the 14th time. From October 11th, the film tour will be travelling through Europe again. More than 240 events in 13 countries are scheduled. Visit WWW.EOFT.EU to find out all about the film program and check out all the dates.

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