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European Outdoor Film Tour full programme announced

18th Sep 2012

The 120 minute programme of the European Outdoor Film Tour 12/13 features 9 short films and documentaries. It tells the stories of adventurers and outdoor athletes whose curiousity is stronger than their fear of the unknown or their own failure: of climbers, slackliners, wingsuit flyers, mountain bikers and snowboarders who live on the edge to pursue the most intense moments of their life.

“None of us have felt our feet in weeks.“  The Shark's Fin
“The curious explore unbound by restrictions of place and mind and perhaps discover what we don‘t understand.“ The Shapeshifter
“It‘s just human nature that wants to explore.“ Where the Trail Ends

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Ulf Michels from Moving Adventures, the team behind the EOFT said:

"We're very excited to be bringing the tour to the UK for the first time ever with one-off screenings kicking off in Manchester on November 25th, followed by Glasgow, Bristol and culminating at the Royal Geographic Society in London.  This year's programme is a perfect mixture of drama, emotion and high adrenaline action.  We've hand-picked the cream of the crop of adventure sports films and crafted a breath-taking, two-hour programme. The line-up features the world's elite, extreme sports athletes like king of the slackline Sketchy Andy, climbers David Lama and Conrad Anker; mountain-biker Darren Berrecloth, and whitewater master Ben Marr.  With two top quality mountaineering films; an epic Arctic expedition; Red Bull MTBers on a mission to redefine Big Mountain freeriding;  mystical whitewater magic; a mega Alaskan snowboarding adventure; wingsuit proximity flying and slack-lining there really is something for everybody."

2112 (8 mins)
Alaska is the mekka of Big Mountain Snowboarding. Every season it is an absolute must for snowboard pros Xavier de Le Rue and Ethan Morgan. Join them on their next big mountain snowboard adventure in Standard Films "2112"!

A New Perspective (8 mins)
For many years Austrian David Lama has dominated the field of international climbing. But now it's time he raises the level once again. In July 2012 he set out with climbing partner Peter Ortner to face the Nameless Tower, part of the Trango Towers in the Karakoram mountain range, in a remote region of Pakistan.
Together they attempt a free climb of the Eternal Flame route, one of the most notoriously challenging routes in the climbing world, made famous in 2009 by renowned German climbers The Huber brothers. At 6000 metres conditions are extreme, it's bitterly cold, even in the height of summer the snow doesn't melt. With minimal gear they begin their summit bid accompanied by climber and cameraman Corey Rich who captures an insight into the Lama's climbing progression. With additional sweeping shots from Davide Tiraboschi piloting a radio control Dedicam results in unique panoramic views from the huge Pakastani mountain range.

Mike Steen in Birdmen

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Birdmen (12 mins)
Two seconds of silence, a gust of wind... and then it's all downhill at 250km/h. Wingsuit Proximity Flying is a sport for those who have a lot of trust in their aerodynamic capabilities like wingsuit base jumpers Ellen Brennan, Matt Gerdes and Mike Steen. They try to fly as close as possible to the natural terrain with no room for error. But in case of emergency there is no crash zone, only a parachute to slow down on the last meters.

The Shark's Fin (22 mins)
The Shark's Fin, on the peak of Meru in Central India an elusive technically challenging route for the most accomplished climbers has been a life long mission for Conrad Anker and the climb of their life for his team mates Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk.
For Renan it is only the second ascent of over 9000 metre granite wall and a journey back to his climbing life before a serious skiing accident only 5 months before. Despite disbelief from his doctor that he can climb so soon after a backbone and skull injury Renan perseveres with disciplined rehabilitation. He can count on the absolute support of Conrad and Jimmy on the mountain but his biggest opposition will be his own body.

Je Veux (8 mins)
French singer ZAZ was singing on a street corner in Montmartre, a cabaret ensemble, was even in a Latin rock band. Ever since her breakthrough two years ago she has given dozens of concerts in front of thousands of fans. But she's never sung at an altitude of 4800 meters. Her dream is a concert on Mont Blanc. Unplugged of course, only accompanied by her guitarist Benoît and Mathieu on the contrabass. But before they can play on the top of Europe all three musicians must ascend the mountain. Being quite green alpinists this is not an easy feat, not to mention the contrabass which has to be carried all the way up as well...

Sketchy Andy (20 mins)
Mr. Slackline is the name, slacklining the game. For seven years now Andy Lewis is balancing (himself) through life. Seventy percent of his waking time is devoted to his favourite sport. Inventor of the squirrel backflip, fearless base jumper, holder of the longest highline record, free solos (-that’s no safety line) and naked highlines are accolades that have all contributed to him being dubbed the ‘Father of modern slacklining’ at only 26 years old. Although that’s not to say he’s a good role model. Some of his activities should be X-rated!

The Crossing (20 mins)
Chris Bray and Clark Carter want to cross Victoria Island in the far Northern part of Canada. For this adventure trip both Australiens need more than good hiking shoes and a big backpack. They carefully designed a special cart which can carry the whole 200 kg of expedition luggage across 1000 kilometers of sharp rock, ice and snow and even through knee deep mud fields. At the beginning it looks like nothing could ever stop the PAC (=Paddleable Amphibious Cart) but the further they go the more problems appear.

The Shapeshifter (5 mins)
On the quest for the river god, also know as the perfect whitewater, kaykers have been travelling the whole world. Now it seems Ben Marr has found him right at his doorstep in Quebec. And he tamed him: with fire and light.

Where The Trail Ends (12 mins)
For three years now we’ve been waiting for the latest production of Red Bull Media House and Freeride Entertainment: „Where the Trail Ends...“. This mountainbike film leads Darren Berrecloth, Cameron Zink, Kurt Sorge and half a dozen other mountainbike pros to completely unknown terrain.
Their mission: redefining Big Mountain Freeriding. It was the most demanding trip of their careers, because for them the adventure starts Where the Trail Ends. At the E.O.F.T. you see "Where The Trail Ends..." in a special Festival Edit!
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Manchester Dancehouse, 8pm 25th November (click here for Manchester Ellis Brigham store details)
Glasgow Film Theatre, 8pm 26th November (click here for Glasgow Ellis Brigham store details)
St George's Bristol, 8pm 27th November (click here for Bristol Ellis Brigham store details)
Royal Geographic Society London, 8pm 28th November (click here for details of various London Ellis Brigham stores)

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