News - October 2010 - Heason Events

News - October 2010

29th Oct 2010 Best Of Kendal Night Announced

We're excited to announce a Best Of Kendal film night at The Broadway Cinema in Nottingham on Dec 5th. If you're wondering about an equivalent night in Sheffield, we're working on it and hope to...

28th Oct 2010 Leo Houlding Climbs The Prophet

He's finally done it. After nearly 10 years of trying, Leo Houlding has made the first ascent of The Prophet on El Capitan in Yosemite. This is big news! Leo starts a series of lectures this...

22nd Oct 2010 New Website - Moon Acupuncture

If things weren't busy enough with event planning I've just finished a re-design of Jo Moon's acupuncture website: 

18th Oct 2010 Leo Houlding Bristol tour date postponement

Berghaus has announced that Leo Houlding’s first show on the Berghaus Adventure Tour 2010 has been postponed. Houlding was due to speak at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol on Sunday 24 October....

1st Oct 2010 Reel Rock Tour Dates

The Reel Rock Tour is arriving in Europe this weekend with a screening in Eindhoven on Saturday night. The Castle Climbing Centre in London will play host on Saturday 6th November as part of their...

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