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'Odyssey' trad climb film trailer released

31st Oct 2012

Award-winning producer Paul Diffley of Hot Aches productions has released the official trailer for his latest climbing film 'Odyssey' ahead of its premiere at the UK's biggest bouldering wall - the Climbing Works in Sheffield on Saturday 10th November.  (BUY TICKETS)

Paul has teamed up with global climbing apparel giant The North Face to attempt a daring alternative to the usual festival launch route.  At the same time as the Saturday night premiere they'll be launching a worldwide, FREE STREAM ONLINE RELEASE for 10 days.  During this time the film will also be available to buy on DVD or via download at a reduced price.

‘Odyssey’ - Hot Aches’ 10th film (directed by Dom Bush) - is an epic two-week road trip with four of the world’s best climbers tackling some of the best areas of traditional rock climbing in the UK.  James Pearson, Hazel Findlay, Hansjörg Auer (Austria) and Caroline Ciavaldini (France) and the four man camera team visited the Lakes, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, Northumberland and North Wales.  James will give a talk before the film and James, Caroline, director Dom and producer Paul will also be at the Climbing Works for a Q&A to give the audience their behind-the-scenes insight into the making of the film.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Director Matt Heason says:  "If you’ve an interest in British climbing, ethics, and watching some very gifted climbers climbing some hard routes and talking about them in a very laid back manner, then you should definitely watch it."  (Read the rest of Matt's preview).

Cover image credit: David Simmonite

Producer Paul Diffley is hoping his novel tactics will propel ‘Odyssey’ to the top of the climbing film charts.  He says:  “My normal route would be to enter film festivals and do a traditional premiere.  Once a film’s done the rounds at a few festivals it becomes available for download and sale on DVD and then via specialist channels.  Festivals are great for the people there but even the biggest ones only a few hundred people will see the film and a few thousand will ever buy on DVD or download.

“By holding a worldwide online premiere we hope thousands and thousands of climbers will enjoy it for free during the initial ten day period.  Obviously this is a commercial venture and I hope some of those people will then enjoy it so much that they’ll buy a copy to keep and maybe buy a DVD for a gift as a present for a friend.

“The North Face are natural partners.  In terms of climbing they’re probably the biggest climbing company out there globally.  When I started to put the team together I was looking for strong rock climbers.  I’ve worked with James and Hazel before who are both sponsored by The North Face who have a really strong rock climbing team.  So with two of the climbers fixed it made sense to make it a North Face quartet with Caroline and Hansjörg.  They also have a really strong online and social media presence so it’s a strong partnership to try an innovative new method of distribution.”

Hazel Findlay

James Pearson
Caroline Ciavaldini

Hansjörg Auer

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Michele Scarano, Head of Digital & Social Media, The North Face (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) said:  "Since climbing is in our roots, we feel that authentic content is key to engage with the community from pro to enthusiast. We understand that followers and fans are hungry to know more about our athletes and their incredible feats through online platforms, as we've just seen with our live reporting from The North Face Kalymnos Climbing Festival."

Heason Events & The Climbing Works are pleased to team up with Hot Aches once again.  Matt Heason from Heason Events said:  “A few years ago we held a multi-screen, simultaneous screening of ‘Committed 2’ at the Climbing Works which was a big success so it’s exciting to be working with Hot Aches again on pushing the boundaries of film distribution.” 

Brian McAlinden General Manager at The Climbing Works, Sheffield said:  “We’re delighted to host this innovative premiere.  It’ll be a real treat to have James. Caroline, Paul and Dom at the screening to give the audience a flavour of what it’s like both in front of and behind the camera on an epic climbing trip.”


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