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Nick Clegg To Support Cliffhanger

21st Apr 2009

We're very pleased indeed to announce that Nick Clegg, Sheffield MP and leader of the Liberal Democrats is lending his support to Cliffhanger.

Nick is a big fan of the outdoors - his Sheffield constituency lies partly in the Peak District. As leader of a national political party he also sees the benefits of events like Cliffhanger to the thousands of people who attend.

The aim of Cliffhanger is to inspire and involve its visitors, a model which Nick sees as essential if we are going to seriously address the health issues of the nation, and also to contend in the international sporting arena. Sheffield was the UK's first National City of Sport, a status Cliffhanger enhances through good old fashioned hands-on fun.

Nick said of the event "It's brilliant to see an event like Cliffhanger, a national role model of its kind, here in Sheffield and thriving. 60% of its visitors in 2008 came from within the city, providing a great platform for thousands to try their hand at sports they might not otherwise have the facility or confidence to attempt. As importantly those who came from outside the city brought in significant economic gain.

I've seen the plans through to 2013 and they are both bold and impressive."