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Sender Live On The Web

20th Mar 2012

 Just got this email from Nick at Sender Films and thought I would share:

Hey guys,
just a last-minute heads up that Outside Online will be doing a big screening of our films March 22 followed by an online Q&A wityh athletes and filmmakers. Thought you might want to share the info in your network.
On March 22, Outside Magazine’s website will be doing an exclusive on-line screening of three REEL ROCK films, "Alone on the Wall," "Fly or Die" and "The Swiss Machine" and on-line discussion with the films' star athletes, Ueli Steck and Dean Potter, and filmmakers Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen.

Let us know if you have any questions, would be great if you guys could spread the word. Thanks a lot!

Nick Rosen
Sender Films