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European Outdoor Film Tour: Rated Unmissable by Top Adventurers

18th Sep 2013

Watch the E.O.F.T 2013/14 Full Trailer Now to Find Out Why…

As the European Outdoor Film Tour crew release the 2013/14 season’s full trailer ahead of the tour kicking off on 12 October (15 November in UK), six of the world’s top adventure sports athletes featured in last year’s tour explain why they rate the EOFT as unmissable.

The two hour programme tours 200 venues in eight EU countries before heading over to the UK with even more dates than last year.  The full two-hour programme features the E.O.F.T team’s special edit of 9 of the world’s best adventure sports films.

Tickets are now on sale via Ellis Brigham for the UK premiere in Edinburgh at the Portobello Town Hall on Friday 15th November and screenings in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool and two London finale shows at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

Peter Ortner, climbing partner of David Lama "A New Perspective" says: "For me the E.O.F.T. is a very special event because the world best athletes have the opportunity to show their latest projects and kind of compete with the best.  No matter what your sport, it´s simply about being your best."

Legendary kayaker Ben Marr, star of "The Shapeshifter", says:  "The E.O.F.T. selection process ensures the films in the final show are top notch productions.  Only a few films make it to the tour, the films that do have a balance of action, storytelling, incredible cinematography and music.  If you have the opportunity to see a show, GO!"

Matt Gerdes, wingsuit flyer featured in "Birdmen", says: “The E.O.F.T. is one of the world’s premiere adventure sports film tours, and what makes it special in my eyes is how well curated the selections are by the E.O.F.T team. There is always a very diverse yet cohesive range of films, making the tour exciting from start to finish.”

Fellow Birdman, Mike Steen, added:  "The E.O.F.T. is the most action packed and cutting edge film tour in the world. Somehow they still maintain a ‘grassroots’ feel and the energy throughout the tour is unmatched anywhere in the world. It takes a lot to get me on the edge of my seat, after spending most of my day on the edge of a cliff in a wingsuit, check out the film tour and you'll understand what I'm talking about."

Australian adventurer Chris Bray, whose film ‘The Crossing’ charted the crossing of Victoria Island in their ‘Paddle Amphibious Cart’, says: "The E.O.F.T. is a pretty amazing film tour - in terms of its scope, reach and quality! Sourcing the best adventure films from all around the world and condensing them into one heart-stopping evening that tours right across Europe to 9 countries, this film festival is hard to beat!"

Chris Bray’s fellow adventurer, Clark Carter, added: "I think the E.O.F.T. is fantastic for the adventure film community because it helps spread our content to a much wider audience. People who might not have been interested in the outdoors or adventure films see the E.O.F.T. in their town or city, and get their mind blown. It also helps that the E.O.F.T. is run by a group of very passionate outdoor lovers."

Ulf Michels from E.O.F.T. tour organisers Moving Adventures, said: “We handpick the very best adventure sports films from around the world to create an awe-inspiring, adrenaline- pumping special edit that you won’t want to miss. Our philosophy is simple - if we find 10 minutes boring, it’ll end up on the cutting room floor.”

“We were delighted the programme proved such a hit with British audiences last year. It’s great to be able to add even more UK tour dates to our calendar.  We’re grateful for the continuing support of our title sponsors Mammut and Goretex. We’re also really pleased to be able to renew our partnership with outdoor clothing and equipment specialists Ellis Brigham, so you will once again buy tickets both online and in-store.”

2013 UK Tour dates:

  • 8pm Friday 15 November - Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh
  • 7pm Saturday 16 November - The Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow
  • 8pm Monday 18 November - St. George´s, Bristol
  • 7.30pm Tuesday 19 November - The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds
  • 8pm Wednesday 20 November - Dancehouse, Manchester
  • 8pm Thursday 21 November - The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool
  • 2pm Saturday 23 November Royal Geographical Society, London   
  • 6pm Saturday 23 November Royal Geographical Society, London

Tickets are £12 each - BUY TICKETS

Film programme:

Wide Boyz - British climbers Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker are self-taught experts in strange sub-culture of offwidth-climbing - the most brutal form of crack climbing (“the size where nothing fits”). To the great astonishment of U.S. locals - they claim the first ascent of the world’s toughest offwidth route in Moab (Utah). Their secret weapon? Two years spent training on a perfect replica of Century Crack, built in Tom’s basement.

The Road from Karakol The American alpinist Kyle Dempster has chosen a far less secret but almost as isolated location for his road trip adventure from Karakol in Kirgysistan.  With only a camera as a companion, he sets out on bike to climb the country’s last unconquered peaks. Those are the facts. As for the rest?  Only uncut memories - abandoned roads, ghost towns and an obligatory boozy session with the Kyrgyz military police. Between roaring rivers and huge mountain vistas, he comes to the conclusion that every adventure has its light and dark moments - and that we use the word “suffering” too frivolously.

North of the Sun – the award-winning, surf/environmental documentary “North of the Sun”. Picture a small hut, sheltered under the rocks on a lonely beach in the Arctic Circle that’s not seen sunlight for more than two months. Built entirely from flotsam and jetsam, it’s home to Norwegian surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Nyseth Ranum.   In search of the North Atlantic’s best waves, the pair spend nine months cut off from civilisation - no internet, no commitments, no stress. Accessible only on foot, the bay’s location remains a secret - “Everyone should find their own paradise.”  But nowhere’s perfect. It so cold even their olive oil freezes and they have to boil water to defrost their surf boots. Winter becomes an endless quest to collect, saw and chop driftwood to stoke their recycled oildrum stove. But that’s not all the ocean washes up on the shore - and so begins their campaign to clean up their beach and stop paradise turning into a rubbish dump.

Supervention:  Freeriding on the next level with the stars of the international skiing and snowboarding scene. Filmed in Norway, Alaska, New Zealand, and  — a name you should remember!  (The E.O.F.T. will screen an exclusive short 10 minute edited version of Supervention).

NotBad: This is a tale of epic adventure. A tale of seven brave riders who set out from the four corners of the globe to gather together under one roof in a town located at the ends of the earth. Set in the Queenstown, New Zealand the bicycle posse takes over dirt jumps, chase down sheep and massacre watermelons with chainsaws. This is a tale with no beginning and no end but where a few things happen in between. Things like eel fights. Yeah that’s right... f’n eel fights.  (The E.O.F.T. will screen an exclusive short 8 minute edited version of NotBad).

Cascada:  No kayaker can resist the magic of the Mexican jungle with its torrential white-water canyons and waterfalls - even if the continuous rain and voracious mosquitoes turn the trip into an endurance test for the whole crew and their equipment.

Sound of the Void: Sébastien de Sainte Marie feels safer in the mountains than in a car or on a plane, even though the Swiss steep skier picks the lines hardly anyone else dares risk. On slopes like the 55-degree north face of the Gspaltenhorn one wrong move could prove fatal.  

The Beginning:  Water always finds its way—and the Deap canyoning team shows us how. The group plunges headfirst into numerous mountain streams and pools and proves that this wet and cold torrential fun can be taken to entirely new acrobatic levels. High diving is a thing of the past: canyoning is a must for all adrenaline junkies who love mountain and water sports - even if your trousers sometimes look worse for wear afterwards.

Petit Bus Rouge: Roll up! Roll up! The Frenchies Flying Circus is in town: they are the “enfants terribles” of the international B.A.S.E. jumping scene, putting on clown shoes before climbing, adjusting the wig before the next jump and most importantly: they don’t take the state of affairs as seriously as it is!  With daring stunts and reckless moves in dizzy heights, the circus crew of Petit Bus Rouge shows that adrenaline and humour go hand in hand. Touring Europe in their blazing red fire truck, these outdoor artists take you on wild ride as they’re highlining on the Atomium, launching themselves from the truck in high speed and using their fellow paraglider as a catapult. Welcome to the greatest show on earth!

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