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ShAFF Film Submissions Sought

2nd Aug 2011

ShAFF is about showing the best films from around the world. We show a selection of the award winners from the best festivals (Kendal, Banff & Telluride etc). In addition we show high quality independent films that have not been widely released. If you have a film that meets these criteria we are very interested in hearing from you. Furthermore, if you live locally and have an adventure film, new or old, that you think should be seen by the general public then we'd be especially pleased to hear from you.

The competition categories are:

  • Best Film

  • Best Climbing Film

  • Best Cultural Film

  • Best Short Film*

  • Best Adrenaline Film

  • Best Spirit Of Adventure Film

  • Best Artistic Film

  • Steve Peat Best Bike Film

A prize of £100 is awarded to winners of all categories except the Best Film, which wins £200. The prizes are decided by a panel of 3 judges.

Deadline: Films must be received by Dec 1st.


There is no charge for submitting a film.

*The maximum length of the short film category varies from year to year depending on the films submitted, but is generally around 5 -10 minutes.


You can download the submission form, with details of how you can submit your film electronically and at our cost, here.