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New Blog - Pushy Parenting

16th May 2013

I remember many years ago watching a young lad climbing at an indoor wall. His name was known to me as he was on the British youth team. He was being coached by his Dad who was being incredibly pushy, way beyond the point of it being any fun for the kid. Granted he was good at climbing, and I have no doubt that he was good in large part because his Dad had pushed him so hard, but when it takes the fun out of it then I really wonder whether it is all worth it. I have just read Andre Agassi’s biography ‘Open’. It’s a cracking read, well written. However he openly admits to hating the sport of tennis. Reading the book it’s easy to see why. It’s also easy to see why he was so good. His Dad sounds like an absolute monster of a parent. He took pushy parenting to new levels.