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2013 Nick Estcourt Award Deadline

1st Oct 2012

Nick Estcourt Award

The application submission deadline for 2013 is Dec 31st 2012.

Nick Estcourt was killed in an avalanche on K2 whilst taking part in the 1978 attempt to climb the West Ridge. The NICK ESTCOURT AWARD was established to commemorate his climbing achievements and to encourage future generations of expedition mountaineers.

Applications are invited from expeditions attempting an objective of considerable mountaineering significance. This might be a previously unclimbed face, ridge or summit or a repeat of an existing route but in a more challenging style or conditions.
Applications are considered solely in terms of their mountaineering merit. Scientific and other objectives are not taken into account. Awards will NOT be made to expeditions with a significant commercial or military element.
The Grant
One grant is made each year to expeditions which the Trustees consider most likely to further expedition mountaineering. As only one grant is made each year, the Award carries much prestige and is a strong endorsement of the successful applicants. Grants from 2009 will be for £2,000.
Chris Bonington, Paul Braithwaite, Carolyn Estcourt, Tom Estcourt, Mick Fowler, John Peck, Doug Scott, Martin Wragg

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