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Johnny Dawes Book Tour, Ian Parnell & Reel Rock Film Nights

25th Aug 2010

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Johnny Dawes
Johnny, arguably the most gifted British climber of all time, has finally written a book about his life. He will be touring this winter giving readings. Johnny Dawes, often referred to as a living legend, first starting climbing when he was 14 and soon established a reputation as an innovative and bold climber. In 1986 he introduced the first E8 and E9 climbs to the UK with Indian Face and Gaia, respectively. These and Quarryman (E8, 7a/b) are iconic masterpieces. For those interested, the book will be launched / premiered at the Alpine Club in London on Nov 9th. Anybody interested in advance orders should contact Johnny directly
Dates: November 10th to Dec 9th – other dates available on request

Ian Parnell
"Views from the Edge” - The beauty and battles of extreme mountaineering Britain's leading alpinist-photographer Ian Parnell presents his brand new show. An exploration of the limits of adventure from the remote Himalaya to the romantic north west of Scotland, coupled with his recollections of climbing with real life heroes Major Phil Packer and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Mixing unique film footage with his world renowned photography to bring the thrills and spills of high-risk mountaineering alive. A show not to miss.
Dates: Flexible

Reel Rock Film Tour
The best in climbing films from around the world.
THE PROGRAM (total approx. running time 98 mins) - FIRST HALF: 5 Minutes: Opening introduction action montage with sponsor ads - 6 Minutes: REEL ROCK Filmmaking Competition (2) winning films - 12 Minutes: The Hardest Move — Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson compete to climb the hardest boulders ever scaled. An inside look at what it takes to push the difficulty envelope of this intense sport - 15 Minutes: Origins: The Hulk — Peter Croft and Lisa Rands attempt a wild free ascent on the Incredible Hulk Wall in the Sierras – arguably America's best (and least filmed) alpine rock wall. Peter, the most legendary of California's crack masters mentors the renowned boulderer Lisa as she pushes into alpine traditional climbing terrain - 10 Minutes: Tasmanian Devils — A once-in-a-lifetime adventure expedition for first ascents on the wild sea cliffs of outer Tasmania - 15 Minutes: Fly or Die — Dean Potter continues his extreme vertical exploration, opening new freeBASE climbs, along with highline and wingsuit jumps in some of the most mind-blowing vertical footage ever captured - INTERMISSION: (5-15 minutes) - SECOND HALF: 35 Minutes: Ueli Steck – the greatest speed alpinist the world has ever seen – tells the stories of his record-breaking ascents in the Alps, accompanied by stunning aerial footage of him racing up 8,000 foot alpine faces. Ueli also joins the likes of Alex Honnold in Yosemite to attempt speed records there. His ultimate goal: take his one-man alpine speed game to the largest, highest walls in the world.
Dates: Flexible