News - January 2010 - Heason Events

News - January 2010

28th Jan 2010 ShAFF Trailer On-line

 We're very excited to have just uploaded the new 2010 ShAFF Trailer. Edited by none other than master film maker Alastair Lee of Posing Productions, it is essentially a 2 minute film comprising...

2010 ShAFF Poster 27th Jan 2010 ShAFF Poster - An Image With A Story

The ShAFF 2010 Poster and Flier has just been uploaded to the ShAFF website here. Please feel free to download it and use it to help promote the festival. Or let us know your address and we will...

26th Jan 2010 ShAFF Tickets On Sale

Tickets are now on sale on-line for ShAFF:    

2010 ShAFF Poster 21st Jan 2010 ShAFF Poster Online and Available

Not much news of late. Been too busy working behind the scenes on ShAFF 2010. Expect a lot more news on that front over the coming weeks. Today we uploaded the ShAFF poster to the website. Feel...

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