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Montane Dragon Shorts

17th Nov 2021

Shorts are shorts right? Pretty much, but it turns out it is possible to make shorts that better than others. Principally the Dragon's, as well as having a cool name which will always be favoured by a Welshman, are uber lightweight and quick drying. As well as the obvious fact that you are carrying a few grams less on your person, the quick drying nature means that as long as it's not raining whilst you run, they dry very quickly whilst you are on the move. If you’ve ever suffered from any chafing induced by wet shorts then you'll know for a fact that its worth shelling out a few quid extra to avoid it. They're pretty close fitting, but not obscenely short. There's a decent sized zip pocket around the back which is elasticated and will fit my phone (a 7inch monster when it's in its case). Sandwiching the zipped pocket are two discrete open topped, elasticated gel pockets. The waist band is elasticated with a high viz draw chord, and there's a fitted inner mesh brief meaning you can run commando if you are that way inclined. There are reflective markings on each leg to make you more visible at night. All in all, a nicely designed pair of shorts. They retail at £55. 

More info on the Montane website