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XA PRO 3D ULTRA 2 GTX® W Running Shoes - Salomon

5th Sep 2014

At first I found the Saloman quite stiff to wear around the ankle but actually that is part of the durable nature of the shoe and has caused no problems. The lace system means there is always a great fit, and just so easy to slip on and off. My feet feel well cradled and protected. The XA PRO 3D ULTRA 2 GTX® W is really waterproof compared to others on the market and the lighter running shoes, which actually makes it great as a light weight mountain walking shoe. Also as I commute on my bike in these and the rain doesn't penetrate the shoe as with other running shoes. The draw back to this is that the trainers take longer to dry out when they do get soaked. I've heard others say they like the level of grip on these shoes. They are good on mud and trail, particularly for such an all round performing shoe, but as an approach shoe on rock there are better choices out there. Yo can tell that this is a really tried and tested model, great for running, light and supportive. Really good for other sports and a great all rounder. I am surprised to find that some of this shoe is made from recycled tyre rubber so I'm even more pleased that I while I have left plenty of footprints in the mud my carbon footprint is lower!

Read more about the shoes here on the Salomon website.

Retail at £120.00