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Ultimate Performance Runner’s Glove

18th Mar 2016

Retailing at around a tenner these get a thumbs up from me on the simple basis that I tend to lose at least one pair of running gloves a year! They are very thin, elasticated gloves that fire easily into a pocket and mean that I always have a pair to hand when I need them. There’s a conductive patch on the end of the index fingers to allow you to use a touch-screen device without taking them off, and the whole of the inner side is adorned with an embossed rubberised pattern which gives you extra grip when holding the said touch screen device (for example). My only quibble is that even in a large, they felt a little tight, so get a size bigger than you think you might need. They also have soft panels on the outside of the thumbs for wiping your nose as you run. All in all, the perfect low cost gloves for using on the majority of your runs when the temperature isn’t so cold that you need proper insulation, but cold enough to warrant a thin layer.

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