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Wild Swimming - Italy

2nd Nov 2016

They keep on coming. I've previously reviewed Wild Swimming books on  the UK, France, Spain, Australia and now comes Italy. I've not been to Italy for a long time, but this book looks set to change that pretty soon. Stunning pictures on every single page show an abundance of turquoise and emerald swim spots. What's also evident from the images is that it's a fairly common pastime, presumably thanks to the warm climate. From a guidebook perspective it's good to see that each and every spot now has its own map to help you find it, but interestingly these are all at the back of the book, allowing it to keep its luxurious coffee table picture book feel without being peppered with boring maps!  Also includes some spots on Sicily and Sardinia, though one can't help feeling that these Mediterranean gems could probably host a book each.

Also includes recommendations for canoe trips, camp sites and eateries. Retails at £16.99 which is less than the price of a family swimming pool entry…
You can find out more info and buy the book at the Wild Swimming website. 
You can also buy the book in App form for your phone / tablet for £6.99