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Wild Swimming - Spain

30th Jun 2016

After France, Spain is probabyt eh country outside the UK that I have travelled to most. As kids our summer holidays were often based there, and summer in Spain being hot, we seem to spend the majority of the time seeking water. How handy this book would have been back then. 

Based on the same format as it’s predecessors, including Wild Swimming - France, the book is essentially a beautifully illustrated catalogue of amazing looking spots to cool off, with brief descriptions and some basic maps to help you get to them. What’s noticeable about this guide is that the colour of the pools, blue and azure in France and Sardinia, are often a murkier green-blue. That said, there are still plenty of inspiring looking pools and waterfalls to seek out. Sitting here in the UK in the rain its a difficult book to be reading, but I know that my next trip to Spain will be all the richer for it.

For more information and to buy the book check out the website. Retails at £15.99 which is less than it would cost to take your family to a swimming pool on holiday...