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Guidebook: Bouldering In Ireland

18th Mar 2011

What a lovely guidebook!

Can't really fault it. Personally I'm not a big fan of the landscape format, but I appreciate that it lends itself better to pictures, and at the end of the day, one of my favourite guides of all time is the Font 7s&8s guide in the same format. That aside it's great. I have relatives in Ireland and am planning a road trip in the not too distant future so am very psyched to have this guide to give some structure to the trip.

It's 255 pages long, covers the whole island, is laid out incredibly well with decent maps and topos, inspiring photos (although they are missing the grade of the featured problem and the page number where it is described which would have made it perfect), a great personal feel (it's been self-published by Dave Flanagan who clearly knows the areas well and is keen to share his passion), and above all, it's only £14. More info on the guide here. Oh, it also uses the Font grading system which works for me!

If you are going to Ireland you'd be foolish not to buy it. 

If you are not going to Ireland you'd be wise to invest in a copy which will inspire you to go!

Ireland bouldering Guide Cover