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Wild Guide To The Lake District & Yorkshire Dales

29th Sep 2017

If you read my reviews you'll know that I am a big fan of Wild Things Publishing. They started out with Wild Swimming and have since gone on to produce a whole raft of other titles, the latest of which are a series of more generally themed Wild Guides to different part of the country. With wild swimming still featuring as a major theme, they are still packed full of lovely photos to inspire you on a drizzly day, but they now also include information on caves, walks, camps and what they call Slow Food - basically independent local eateries which make a thing of using local ingredients and cooking them properly.
I love this concept purely on the basis that it's very rare that we go anywhere and focus solely on one activity. We are a family of four, and often travel with friends, so we have a variety of tastes, hobbies and desires. Since owning this particular guide we've done three trips to the area, and each time the book has provided us with some invaluable local knowledge which has enabled us to make more of our trip than we might otherwise have been able to. They might not float everybody's boat, but they are perfect for the likes of us.

You can buy the guide directly from Wild Things Publishing