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Berghaus Vapour Claw Running Shoes

14th Oct 2015

The Berghaus Vapour Light Claw is a running shoe aimed at trail and long distance runners. I have worked them hard by running in all weathers and over some distances, used them as approach shoes and for seaside coasteering. The scree running left a few cosmetic tears in the uppers, but that was asking above and beyond the call of duty of this light weight shoe.

This shoe gives a lot considering it's weight. The Berghaus elasticated "limpet" system holds the shoe nicely around the foot feeling secure. At approx 520g, it is comfortable and has an excellent level of cushioning. When fell running the sole has good flexibility to cope with uneven terrain, without compromising on cushion when doing the odd bit of road running. It has particularly good cushioning and support on the heel. My tired legs when running are to do with the legs, not the shoe!

The fabric is very breathable, I haven't had a problem with hot feet at all, but at this weight and spec the uppers are not waterproof. It doesn't really matter as the fabric dries pretty quickly. I would say however, that when I have had them on all day and socks are wet the join of tongue to upper has rubbed a slight sore patch on the op of my toes. Do remember when choosing size that the shoe seems to have a wide fit.

I have worn the Vapour Claws as an approach shoe as well. The sole has good levels of friction on rock and is just so flexible. The sole is sticky enough for easy scrambling as well. The Opti-Stud (TM) technology means that the shoe holds on all terrains. The studs hold in deeper mud up to the point where you would need trad fell shoe studs.

I've worn these shoes a lot over the last year. From running, scrambling to throwing on to to jog to the shops. The uppers are looking pretty used (but don't forget the scree running!) but the soles still have a good level of cushioning in them. Definitely good value a the RRP (£90).

Check out the shoes on the Berghaus website