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Berghaus Men's Cuesta Approach Shoe Review

28th Feb 2014

A good solid pair of approach shoes that I have worn virtually every day since getting them and are showing very little signs of wear. They retail at £85. Approach shoes generally fit into two categories, one that you'd be happy using for the approach to a crag, but that's all; the other that you'd be happy to leave on for the day and set off on easy climbs and scrambles with. These definitely fall into the latter as they fit tightly and the low profile rand is more in line with a pair of rock shoes than trainers meaning that you have the extra sensitivity needed to move confidently over rock. The tread is generous enough that they work on muddy ground, but not aggressive enough to lose that sensitivity. I like the extra large pull loops on the heels which make getting the shoes off a doddle even with gloved hands. There's a also a second, albeit smaller, pull loop on the top of the tongue.The lacing works well, with a central tape up the middle of the tongue that is laced with each cross-over meaning that the tongue needs absolutely no positioning when putting the shoes on as it's always exactly where you left it! They are certainly comfortable. And they look just fine. I've worn these out on the hill, got them covered in mud, and then kept them on for work meetings later that day. Granted, I don't wear a suit and tie to work, but I still prefer not to turn up to meetings looking too scruffy and they fit the bill. There's a rubber protection cap on the toe and heel which not only keep them from nicks and tears, but help the shoes keep their shape - they feel pretty much as they did within a few times of wearing them some months ago. If I had a gripe it would be the taped lacing eyelets. I'm not a fan of tape eyelets, especially on a shoe that looks like it is going to last some time, as they have a tendency to wear out and are impossible to replace as they are stitched into the she. All in all, a solid 9 out of 10.

Berghaus Cuesta 417