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Scarpa Crux Approach Shoe

12th Apr 2013

Retailing at £99.99 the Crux are amongst my favourite approach shoes that I’ve worn in recent years. They’re reasonably lightweight (394g) but sturdy workhorses at the same time. I’m a big fan of non-flared soles which means that you can manage some reasonably technical climbing in them without rolling off the smaller holds. The rubber is super-sticky, even on damp rock. I like the flash of green – it gives them their own look without making them garish. Having said that they are sturdily built there is one area where the quality is lacking ut so far this has not proved to be an actual problem, and that is the small metal rings that reinforce the lace holes. Three or four od these have come adrift and slide around on the laces like some sort of prayer beads, but the hole that is left in the leather is holding up perfectly well which perhaps suggests a degree of over-engineering – hopefully this is the case with the rest of eh shoe and it will last for years and years! Nowhere is this more evident than in the rubber toe cap. Clearly designed to protect the foot from painful stubs and crushings whilst negotiating scree slopes and the like, the cap also acts like a bit of a helmet for the shoe. I’ve worn them pretty much daily now for three or four months and they are barely showing any sign of wear! Well done Scarpa on a very well made and functional pair of approach shoes that do exactly what they are designed to do.

Here’s what Scarpa have to say about them:

The ideal approach shoe should be tough, well protected and provide enough support for easy climbing but comfy enough for the approach walk.  The Crux takes technologies that have been developed in our trekking and climbing range and combing them together to give a hybrid that has all of the characteristics required to be a top approach shoe. Toughness is provided by using our best quality suede in the upper, a rubber toe and heal rand gives protection whilst the new Vibram Vertical sole with sticky rubber, tough EVA midsole and forefoot cradle system ensures support and confidence.  It’s not just the colour that’s green, they’re made using 50% recycled polyester in the lining and mesh!