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Montane Cordillera Thermal Tights

21st Mar 2018

Last Saturday was one of those magical weather days that don’t come around very often. Snowy, windy, sunny, windy, cold and windy. I was out for the best part of five hours, running our local fundraiser race in reverse photographing the 450 entrants as they ran the 21 mile course. I was moving slowly as I had to stop about 400 times to take photos! The weather forecast said it'd be -10C on the tops in the wind and I wouldn't want to argue. It was seriously cold. Obviously keeping moving keeps you warm, but the only thing that will stop such an icy wind is decent kit. I ran the entire time in my Cordillera Thermal Tights, never once having to put on my waterproof trousers. They kept my legs warm and functioning properly, most importantly, keeping the wind out. They're a superb bit of winter running kit. They have zipped ankles and a drawstring waist. I have the large ones which are actually a little snug on me (I'm very tall though), so don't go small on them - there's not as much stretch as ordinary running tights. They weigh a lowly 321g. An excellent piece of potentially life-saving kit.

Montane Cordillera Thermal Tights
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