Running - July 2013 - Heason Events

Running - July 2013

Strava 18th Jul 2013 Strava

Strava is a a piece of software that’s quite literally revolutionised my running and biking. I’ve had a smartphone for a while and had experimented with various GPS tracking devices which tell...

Inov8 Trailroc 245 188 12th Jul 2013 Trailroc 245 Running Shoes - Inov-8

Back in April I went to a free natural running clinic and then as a result got some Trailroc 245’s to review. At the start of the year I started running much more consistently. I’ve always...

Garmin-Fenix-Watch-188 11th Jul 2013 Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

Garmin now offer a bewildering array of GPS sports watches. The Fenix is aimed at a cross section including runners, bikers, walkers, fishermen and hunters! OK, so I don’t really fall into the...

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