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Salomon Trail Tight Review

21st Mar 2014

When I started running a couple of years ago I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of tights. I think that was because the vast majority of tights on the market were slightly baggy Ron Hills (I don't know that they were actual Ron Hills, but such was the strength of their brand name that to my mind all running tights were tarred with the same brush). Of course now I've been running or a few years, and especially now that we've had some properly cold winters I've succumbed to the notion of protecting my legs. My first pair I paid a few quid for on some 'bargain' website, but they soon developed saggy knees and the material grew hundreds of bobbles. Enter the Salomon Running Tight. I am very tall and as a result have a long inside leg (about 36inches), but a relatively slim waist (34inches). It's rare to find a par of trousers of any type that keeps my waist and my ankles warm, but these do. The material is lightweight and stretchy, but unlike my previous pair, is holding its stretch so that they feel like new each time I put them on. The blurb says that the knees are pre-shaped which probably explains why they have not developed any bagginess. The calves have their own zips. If I had one complaint it would be that these zips are a little on the lightweight side and I worry that they will give out before the tights do. We'll see. There's a zip pocket in the waistband around the back which is a nice touch, though it's not big enough for my phone in its case. The blurb also claims that the shins have a rip-stop material in them to stop brambles and the like from snagging at you. So far I have to say that they work pretty well and I've not noticed any snagging. 

Reading other reviews online it seems that people are very happy with the tights, but that they begrudge the £50 price tag. Take a look at the Salomon website and make up your own mind once you've considered the research and development that's gone into the materials:

Flatlock seams - supposedly more comfortable on items worn close to the body. These tights are without a doubt a whole lot more comfortable than my previous pair which don't have flat-lock seams.
ClimavUV protection - protects against sunlight. More and more outdoor clothing on the market includes some sort of UV protection which can't be a bad thing.
Actilite Stretch Jersey material - wicks moisture away from the body quickly. They definitely dry quickly.
Actilite Stretch Mesh material - same as above, but these panels are in the back of the knees where sweating is greatest and therefor ventilation is most needed.
In summary a very snug fitting pair of lightweight running tights with a reasonable price tag.

Salomon Trail Tight