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Sleeping Bag: Decathlon Sleepin'Bed

1st Aug 2009

Designed primarily with festival goers in mind this neat idea is basically a sleeping bag with a built in self-inflating mattress and pillow. You simply unroll it, blow it up, and you have a ready made bed. In the morning, deflate it, roll it back up, pull the straps tight and you have a neat cylindrical package you can strap to the outside of your rucksack. It's great for kids, festival-goers and car-boot campers. It's pretty basic for anybody else, with a comfort rating of just 5 degrees Celsius (there aren't too many nights in the UK when the outside temperature doesn't drop fairly close to that. The material is synthetic meaning that it is fairly bulky, and the mattress fairly basic compared to, say, a Thermarest. That said, where Decathlon always score is the price. It's currently listed on their website at £34.95. When you consider that's for a bed, pillow and sleeping bag, it's hard to argue against it if your needs are basic.


Decathlon Sleeping Bed