Camping - August 2009 - Heason Events

Camping - August 2009

Decathlon Tarp 1st Aug 2009 Tarp: Decathlon Tarp

I don’t know why I haven't always taken one of these camping with me. It's essentially a large, lightweight tarpaulin, with sewn in eyelets at the corners and along the edges, with a series of...

Decathlon Sleeping Bed 1st Aug 2009 Sleeping Bag: Decathlon Sleepin'Bed

Designed primarily with festival goers in mind this neat idea is basically a sleeping bag with a built in self-inflating mattress and pillow. You simply unroll it, blow it up, and you have a ready...

Decathlon 2 Second Tent 1st Aug 2009 Tent: Decathlon 2 Second II Tent

Whether Decathlon were the first people to market the pop-up tent is immaterial really. I am sure I recall early prototypes back in the 80's, but what the mega-sports store has done is make them...

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