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Men's Aiglun Stretch Climbing Trousers - Berghaus

12th May 2014

I'd been in need of some new climbing trousers for a while, something I can climb and walk comfortably in. Enter the Aigluns. 

First off they look nice. In recent times Berghaus seem to have cottoned on to the fact that a little colour can go a long way towards jazzing up an otherwise drab garment. The trousers are grey, but the zip toggles  are orange. It makes a world of difference! Honestly!

The material is lightweight, has some stretch in it, keeps out the wind and a little dampness (though it is not fully waterproof), essentially all the things that you want in a pair of trousers in which to be  active. The waist is done up with a zip and two popper buttons. It has plenty of large belt buckles, but no integral belt. There's a hanging loop for drying them which is a nice touch. There are two front hand pockets, and one zipped rear one, with a further two zipped pockets on the legs. Personally I like a lot of pockets, and I especially like having some on the legs which means I can keep stuff to hand whilst in a climbing harness for example. They have a neat little feature where you roll the legs up to reveal n elasticated toggle system which enables you to turn trousers into a pair of long shorts on hot days or when wading a cross a shallow stream. If i was to have one quibble it would be with the fact that the zips have been glued instead of stitched. On the rear pocket the lower side of this has come undone rendering the zip pointless. If using glue, it needs to stick! Aside from that I have no complaints and rate them very highly indeed.

They cost £70, about right for a well featured pair of technical trousers.

Berghaus Aiglun Stretch Climbing Trousers