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Polaris Windsheer Windproof Jersey

8th Dec 2016


Almost completing the set of reviews this week of Polaris Bikewear kit - Cadence Bib Tights (Monday), RBS Overshoes (Tuesday), Blitz Windproof Gloves (Wednesday) - is the Windshear Windproof Jersey. This is a nice, heavy, windproof jersey with plenty of pockets and reflective material. It features a full length zip up the front, edged with fluorescent material. My model is a pleasing comobination of red and black panels which reflective highlights, and some  flourescent zips. There's a high neck collar meaning you can keep the back of your neck warm all the way up to your helmet, and also featuring a little 'garage' for your zip when zipped all the way up. The waist is elasticaterd, and all-importantly, lower at the back meaning that you can pull it down over your lower back when hunched over the bike. On the reverse are the standard three pockets, each open topped, but elasticated, and with opkenty of room for spare food, clothes, and tools, In addition there's a small zipped pocket which is bigh enough for a small wallet or phone, or just your keys. In an ideal world I would like to see more high viz / reflective material on the back, but there is a reasonable amount of it so no major complaints. It retails at £64.99

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