Cycling - July 2013 - Heason Events

Cycling - July 2013

Garmin Edge 810 188 25th Jul 2013 Garmin Edge 810 Bike Computer

Hot on the heels of my review of the Garmin Fenix GPS watch comes this review of the 810 cycle computer. Whilst reviewing the watch it quickly became evident that whilst it was up to the job of...

Strava 18th Jul 2013 Strava

Strava is a a piece of software that’s quite literally revolutionised my running and biking. I’ve had a smartphone for a while and had experimented with various GPS tracking devices which tell...

Garmin-Fenix-Watch-188 11th Jul 2013 Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

Garmin now offer a bewildering array of GPS sports watches. The Fenix is aimed at a cross section including runners, bikers, walkers, fishermen and hunters! OK, so I don’t really fall into the...

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