Cycling - 2017 - Heason Events

Cycling - 2017

Salomon Skin Pro 15 Set Running Backpack 5th Oct 2017 Salomon Skin Pro 15 Set Running Backpack

I have previously tested a Skin S-Lab Salomon bag, but though it is ace, it's not big enough for runs which require full winter kit. Well, it is big enough, but stopping to get something out of...

Bikepacking 26th Jul 2017 Bikepacking Guidebook by Wild Things Publishing

Full title: Mountain Bike Camping Adventures On The Wild Trails Of Britain   By Laurence McJannet   At this year's Sheffield Adventure Film Festival there were enough films submitted on...

Flex 3 explode 4th Jul 2017 MSR Flex 3 System - Cookware

MSR have a certain genius for designing clever kit. The Flex Systems are essentially nesting sets of cooking pans, plates / bowls, and cups. I'd intended to get the Flex 4 System as we are a...

Snip20170615 4 15th Jun 2017 Mallorca 312

Here's my article on the Mallorca 312 Sportive which featured in Totally Active Magazine.

Vaude Larice 5th May 2017 VauDe Men's Larice Jacket

Weighing in at just 270g this isn’t the lightest fully waterproof  jacket on the market, but it's a decent contender. It has been designed for ski touring, but obviously will work for any...

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