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Polaris Blitz Gloves

7th Dec 2016

Wednesday's Polaris Bikewear reviews comes on the heels of the Cadence Bib Tights (Monday) and the RBS Overshoe (Tue).  Today it’s the turn of the Tornado Blitz Winter Cycling Gloves.

Gloves are an all-important bit of kit for the cyclist in the UK, especially in the winter. Lose the ability to use your hands and everything else can quickly go downhill fast. The Blitz gloves are not waterproof, but they are certainly windproof. They are lined with a very comfortable micro-fleece, and have silicon strips on the fingers to help you grip tools, brakes and shifters. There;s a cure gel pad in the palm of the hand to ease pressure where it needs easing, and a Velcro cuff to keep things snug. I went for an XXL which are only just big enough so err on the larger size as is often the case with gloves. There are also a series of reflective strips across the knuckles of all four fingers, iuncreasing visibility from the front. They retail at £29.99. You could argue that for that price you'd expect them to be waterproof too, however in my experience I've never yet found a pair of waterproof gloves that truly stay truly waterproof for prolonged time on a bike. Note that Polaris do do a range of waterproof gloves, but these were not on test.

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