Cycling - November 2014 - Heason Events

Cycling - November 2014

Raidlight LED Running Vest 2 25th Nov 2014 Raidlight LED Running Vest

I had a conversation with a friend a few weeks back about the merging of technical kit with fashion and we quickly moved on to discuss the combining of 'real' technology such as AI, nano-computer...

Thule Pack N Pedal Cummute Pannier 5th Nov 2014 Thule Pack N Pedal Cummuter Pannier

Introduction Panniers would usually come in pairs, but this is designed specifically for commuting so works by itself. First off, it's not a lightweight, but then it doesn't really need to be on...

Rab - atmos jacket quince 3rd Nov 2014 Rab Atmos Maya Jacket

Introduction I'll dispense with the intro about lightweight gear as it's a recurring theme in many of my reviews. Suffice to say that this one fits the bill neatly. A minimalist waterproof jacket...

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