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Prana Bridger Jean

13th Jan 2016

Prana have long been high in my estimation of climbing clothing, but I;ve never had the pleasure of actually testing any of it before. The Bridger Jean - sorry, I can't but help calling them Jeans, not Jean - are a pair of slim-fitting stretchy Jeans which double as everyday wear, whilst also giving you enough flexibility to climb in. In all honesty most of my climbing of late has been at the wall, it being far too damp to venture outside - so it's here that they've been tested. I do most of my climbing at The Climbing Works which is world renowned for its excellent route setting. In other words there are plenty of problems down there requiring technique, and with technique comes stretching. I've yet to have to step off a problem due to the trousers - unlike last Thu when I mistakenly wore a regular pair of Jeans and had to pull them up before every attempt! They are 75% organic cotton so have retained a nice feel to them. My only quibble is the quality of the pocket lining. I've been wearing them now on and off for 5 months and tell-tale holes are appearing in the seams of both the front pockets which will render them useless within a few more months without intervention. They retail at around £70 which is certainly more than your average high street price for a pair of Jeans, but throw in the fact that they stretch and are made of organic cotton and that price tag doesn't sound so bad.

More info at the Prana website.