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Climbing - May 2011

the-north-face-plasma-thermal-ja-16436-f 31st May 2011 The North Face Plasma Thermal Jacket

For years I thought that down jackets were the only way to keep warm when out and about. Problem was, unless you forked out a lot of money for a decent jacket with a waterproof shell, you'd never...

yorkshire-grit-bouldering 19th May 2011 Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering Vol 1 & 2

The first of these books to land on my desk was Vol 2. I was a little surprised to see so many crags I'd never even heard of, with so many classics omitted. Fortunately I spotted the 'Vol 2' and...

Troll Wall 16th May 2011 Troll Wall - Tony Howard

Last week my Dad found an old diary of his, written aged 14 (in 1954) detailing a solo cycle trip from Nottingham to North Wales. He typed it up and sent it to me to read. I was so impressed that...

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