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Books Guides And Maps - May 2018

Wild-Guide-Portugal Page 01 16th May 2018 Wild Guide Portugal

It's quite a while since I last went to Portugal. Nearly 30 years I think! Looking at this guide it'll definitely be less than 30 before I go again :-)   Reviewing a guide when you haven't...

Mountain Adventures In The Maurienne 15th May 2018 Mountain Adventures In The Maurienne

The full title of this book is Mountain Adventures In The Maurienne, The Vanoise and Dauphine Alps. It features day walks. Walking tours, scrambles, rock climbs, via ferratas, mountaineering...

wild+guide+scotland+cover 14th May 2018 Wild Guide To Scotland

Wild Guides are now coming thick and fast from Wild Things Publishing. The latest to arrive through my door is the Wild Guide to Scotland. It's the same format as the previous ones: basically...

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