Books Guides And Maps - May 2012 - Heason Events

Books Guides And Maps - May 2012

IMAG0027 2 31st May 2012 Traversing Club - Climbing Games

My oldest lad goes to our local primary school. A couple of weeks ago local climbing wall builder Wallclimber installed a traversing wall in the playground and I offered to start running an...

Wild Swimming Coast 24th May 2012 Wild Swimming – Coast

A few years ago I published a review of Wild Swimming. It was a breath of fresh air, a book packed with beautifully photographed wild swimming spots all over the British Isles. The thing was, it...

Pembroke09 15th May 2012 Pembroke - Rockfax

Printed a few years ago this is nevertheless a worthwhile addition to the Rockfax arsenal. It’s effectively an update on the previous guide (which came out in 1995!), bringing it into line with...

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