Books Guides And Maps - July 2016 - Heason Events

Books Guides And Maps - July 2016

a4b3b98ad5a56629d80c9d67a4422182 1024x1024 26th Jul 2016 Wild Swimming - Hidden Beaches

If you follow my reviews at all then you will know that I am a big fan of the Wild Swim series of books. I find them thoroughly inspirational, especially in light of yesterday's Blog post about...

WG-Scandinavia-3D-cover-lr-464x500 14th Jul 2016 Wild Guide - Scandinavia

I've reviewed one Wild Guide already, to the South of England. This is a whole different world of a book. I suspect I have yet to find a guide book with this many inspiring photographs in it. A...

punk in the gym 01 andy pollitt 13th Jul 2016 Punk In The Gym - Andy Pollitt

Andy Pollitt’s book was given to me by Vertebrate Publishing, the Sheffield-based business responsible for the majority of the recent climbing biographies, with a twinkle of the eye and a...

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